Sunday, 2 November 2014

Christmas Wreath


Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I went on a day trip to Blackpool yesterday and spent way too much on grabber machines. I did manage to win my daughter two teddy bears, so she was more than happy! Intended to drive through the lights, but no sooner set off the car park and she was fast asleep! There's always next year :-). 

Anyway, I'm back tonight with a project I  made from the materials in the recent Crafter's Companion Inspiration 5. I'd seen these wreaths on browsing Pinterest and that's where I took my inspiration from. 


1. Using 2 sheets of centura pearl cut out 2 rings with an outer diameter of 21cm and an inner diameter of 10cm.
2. Print 3 A4 sheets onto satin finish printer paper (double sided) from free CD and then cut (width ways) into 5mm strips. Divide into 2 piles of each colour.
3. Starting in centre of each strip curl paper outwards using bone folder and then curl other end.
4. Once all paper curled glue onto one of the rings using collall (tacky glue) until all covered.
5. Glue bow to the top using collall (glue gel) and tape ribbon onto back of ring to make a loop.
6. Spray with spray and sparkle (silver) and then glue other ring to the back.


free CD
satin finish printer paper
ribbon (wide and thin)
spray and sparkle (silver)
centura pearl

Thank you as always for taking the time to stop by. I'm on the count down this week for the NEC craft show, which I'm going to on Friday. Have booked the day off work and have been stashing my cash for a few months now. Hopefully will be back with the results of my haul!

Toodle pips!


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